Our First EP: Exploring Our Roots

stolen soul media

After a long time composing songs, we have decided to record our first debut album. This first EP is an important milestone for us and we want to share with you the process of it.



An Authentic Production

One of the most exciting things about this album is that we are self-producing it. This means we have complete control over every aspect of the process, from writing to recording and mixing. This allows us to explore our creativity to the fullest, without restrictions or limits imposed by any specific genre of metal.


Our Personal Influences

Each of us brings our personal influences to the creation of this album. Instead of sticking to a single genre of metal, we are fusing elements from various currents to create a completely new and authentic sound. This promises a diverse and exciting listening experience for all our fans.


A preview

To give you a preview of what to expect, we've released a demo song without lyrics. You can listen to it on platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Music. We hope you enjoy this little demo of our sound!

Listen to the demo here!


First EP

The album will be composed of a total of five songs, each exploring deep and dark themes that are characteristic of our music. Here's a look at some of the themes you'll find on the EP:


Darkness, Destruction and Despair

We delve into the shadows to explore darkness, destruction and despair in our songs. These themes are an essential part of our music and add depth to our lyrics and compositions.


Suffering and Life

We recognize suffering as an inevitable part of life. Our lyrics explore pain and torment, and how these experiences can shape our existence and perspective.


Emotional Conflict

We also delve into emotional conflict, exploring themes of internal love and hate. Our songs capture the complexity of human emotions and the internal struggles that we all face at some point.


Stay tuned for new updates and be sure to listen to the demo available for a sneak peek of what's to come.