New single release – STEEL SHADOWS

stolen soul

The wait is over! Stolen Soul's new single arrives to shake the soul with an explosion of power and creativity. May 13 marks the beginning of a new era in the group's music, one that combines all the strength of its five members.

With a crushing riff and a voice that alternates between melodic and guttural, Stolen Soul presents an exclusive 20-second preview for his upcoming track that promises to electrify your senses. Listen to Andima's ferocious guitar solo and prepare for a colossal finale that will make you feel the weight of each note.

After a year of work, this song distills the essence of each of the band members, with Andima's lead guitar, Aritza's unwavering rhythm, Iker's incisive bass, Argitz's ruthless percussion and, of course , Javi's unmatched voice.

Don't miss this epic release at Press play and let yourself be swept away by the raw and passionate power of Stolen Soul. Your soul will thank you!